about us

Our company provides delivery and installation of your interior on time and at the highest possible quality.

All the activities we try to approach with a focus on detail. We do our best to aim for a thoroughly sophisticated method of solution. The whole operation is controlled by our experienced project managers, who are in frequent contact not only with the project team, but also with the target customer. In order to get closer to a target client, we have opened a branch in Great Britain.



We have been in business
since 2009.
12 500


We have done more than
12,500 installations.
1 250


We have already installed
at 1250 locations.

our services

and removal

Our main focus is on the installation of interiors. We install mainly retail and office spaces. We cover small, large and also "roll out" projects.

and preparation

We provide long and short term storage, if the customer so wishes. We also provide pre-assembly, pick and pack, packaging and distribution.

and forwarding

For the distribution we use our own vehicles or verified carrier. This ensures timely delivery and minimizing the risks of damage to the transported goods.

and service

The process ends with a thorough handover. We also offer to our customers the opportunity to contact our office if you have any questions regarding any technical aspects.


our approach

Komplexní řešení


We ensure the carry out of the interior from A to Z. All the concerns about after-sales service you can leave up to us and devote your time to your own business.

Ručíme za kvalitu

We guarantee

We aim for a trouble-free solution at every step of the way. We accept responsibility for the work we provide.

Osobitý přístup


We can find a unique solution just for you. We can adapt to your company running smoothly to continue the process of realization.

Po celém světě


Our services can be used anywhere in the world. We have experience in more than 30 countries. Visited sites can be found on this map.

Certifikát kvality


Our company is growing rapidly, and therefore in the long term we are looking for the following candidates:

manager, assistant manager, fitters with or without foreign language skills, driver with the driving licence C + E

Active approach to work.
Willingness to learn new things.
Knowledge of German, English or French.
We offer:
Position in a stable company with progress,
evaluation based on the quality of the individual,
the possibility of travelling around the world,
company benefits and more.


In the photo gallery below you can see some photos from our projects. We are a loyal partner of our customers and therefore we do not allow the use of their trade names for our benefit.


 +420 724 393 242

Bukovany 72,
Týnec nad Sázavou, 257 41

Rižská 1492/2
Praha – Hostivař, 102 00
IČO: 24234061

Milan Brabec
Company owner/director
Milan Brabec
Robin Soudil
Project manager
Robin Soudil